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> You enjoy watching him get settled in, pawing at the ground and giving little snorts. Just like a regular hoofbeast… You also love that smile he’s got. You might not be as into this stuff as he is, but you want to spoil the hell out of him with this. He deserves as much.

> You give gentle tugs along the rope, making sure it would all stay in place, that nothing was cutting off any circulation or anything… And maybe even leave a mark here and there from your tugging, but you won’t mention that out loud. As you give the bottom part of the ropes a little tug, you playfully let your fingers swipe over his squirming bulge and smirk up at him. Not going to go there just yet…

> You give a little laugh at his neighing, grinning as you wrap your arms around his middle now, purring happily.

hehe not bad at all brother. YOURE A REGULAR MOTHERFUCKING SHOW HORSE. well almost at least.

> You coo as your hands roam over the designs the rope made on his back, tracing down to his bottom before giving a playful squeeze. From his position, you can tell he’s probably waiting for something else… And it was always fun teasing a little before giving it up. You grasp his butt, squeezing as you spread him open a little, then letting your claws drag over his skin as you pull your hands forward to his hips.

> One hand then comes up to grasp the reins behind his shoulders, tugging to keep his face forward as your other hand releases him. Your modus flickers, just out of sight behind those blinders you put on him. He probably knew what was coming, but it doesn’t make this any less fun… Your arm wraps back around him and at first, Horuss would feel what felt like a metal bulb rubbing against his slit, pressing against the opening to his nook and growing slick with his own fluids before your hand pulls back and the bulb begins to press against his chute. You tease him a bit with it at first, letting him get prepared before carefully shoving it in, the plug popping into place before you tug it back out.

> You do this just a few times, teasing his tight hole with the toy before you finally let it slip into place one final time and stay put. You pull your hand away and he would feel long strands flow out of your palm and fall down behind his legs, the tail long enough to reach the back of his knees. You smirk as you give his bottom a playful smack.

hows that shit brother. NOW YOURE A REAL HOOFBEAST EH.

> That smile would be plastered on his face the entire time they did this, all the materal the restraints. Horuss was a very happy Zahhak and if the smile on his face did not show that the dripping bulge between his legs was another sure fire way to know he was enjoying everything Gamzee had done to him so far.

> Pushing back against the ropes he snorted, trying to keep all his noises to horse related ones for now. Knowing it would make it more fun and hoping that is something that his moirail would like. The marks would be loved, brushing them with his fingers later he would be able to think about this while he was alone. A low whinnie comes from him as he feels his bulge swiped, the appendage trying to wrap around Gamzees finger while it was in range…

> Standing there proudly he puffed his chest out even more, ropes pushing into his skin as he did so. He was loving this and once the gag was out of his mouth when they were done Gamzee was going to get an earful.

> Snorting at the teasing he shifted a little spreading his legs and making it easier to get that tail in, hoping that was what Gamzee was heading to, though the teasing did nothing more then to make him whine behind that gag, pushing his ass at him a little more he neighed softly. Unable to do much more besides that. The rope work on his torso and arms was keeping him well bound.

> Feeling the reigns pulled he stayed still, unsure if that was a reprimand or Gamzee simply liked to pull on them and there would be more teasing. He hoped he knew what was coming and when he felt that hug he relaxed a little. The bulb on his nook made him moan behind his gag, drooling a little on his face as he stood there. Though when he felt that pressure on his chute he gasped, happy to have that addition. It would make him look complete and he honestly wanted to feel how that sort of thing felt inside of him..yet again Gamzee teased him and he whinnied though he resisted the urge to push back.

> When it was pushed in he let out a long gasping noise. Eyes closing for a moment as he relished in the feeling. Shifting his hips to make his tail sway he gasped at the feeling of it in him. Oh this was oh so wonderful.

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> You wave away his comment with a grin. Surely you can handle it, you’re not that fragile… Though after filling up the water bottle completely and putting it back in the bag, you might be drinking a lot more than he was just to lessen the weight a bit. You predict this will feel heavier after walking around some…

> You lead him around the back of your hive towards a large lake that was not too far off, humming lightly as you walk. It seemed to be a path you take often, some of the grass was already flattened out a bit. You listen to him as you walk along, nodding and smiling at the mention of snuggling, giggling a little.

Hehe… Sounds good to me! I’m glad you came over, I like having people to walk with… And don’t worry, I walk around here a lot. Something to do, you know? It’s pretty lonely being the only person on a planet, but I’m making due… I might take a little breather when we reach the forest though.

> You pause close to the edge of the water once you reach it, smiling as the little bubble-sheep flutter about, seeming to recognize you by now.

There’s a lot of cute animals around here, you know… I was thinking of trying to make my own little bestiary or something. Take some pictures, maybe draw them…

> Watching him Horuss nodded and let the boy take the amount he felt comfortable with. Though if he took to much all it would take is one word and he would take the bottle from the smaller troll. He knew that it was far too big but it was a good sturdy bottle that could handle heat if he wanted to put tea in it later.

> He was all smiles as he walked out of the hive, looking around he adjusted his glasses before starting off. Letting his host show him the way, keeping up but over all allowing the other leading. Staying within the path was easy, and he didnt want to disturb any more of the grasses then he needed knowing that there could be animals in it and the last thing he wanted to do was smash them with his boots.

"Honestly I often walk with the puppies because they are easest to walk with and I know they do not mind the walk. Also I do not have many friends as of current thus making walking with others harder then it sh001d be. Well if you wish I c001d visit often, your hive seems nice enough and you seem like a rather nice troll..

> Pausing he looked around before grabbing his water bottle taking a small sip before putting back in its pocket. He smiled at the sheep, goodness they were cute. Horuss wished he had brought a small pad to sketch things.

That w001d be wounderfoal. I am an artiest, perhaps we c001d sit and draw things some night? Though I tend to go for flowers more then other trolls or animals.

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> She unceremoniously plopped the cupcake right into her wide open mouth, biting the top of entirely as tho she was biting a chunk out of an animal’s neck.

"If you ever want more, I got a big stash. I’m okay with sharing. One of my best friends is a drug dealer and he gives me all that for no charge!"

> She arched a brow at his question, tilting her gaze up to think about it.

"Hmm.. Yeah. I know the Disciple from my timeline. ‘Cept I call her Mama. She’s.. really nice to me. I was so worried she’d think I was a disappointing descendant."

> Laughing softly at her he handed the girl a  cloth napkin, knowing that caramel was going to get all over her face. Though he was happy she just dig in and enjoyed his baking.

"Well I still currently have some human strains though I am almost out of the troll verson.. if you have that one I w001d not mind taking some from you.. though you will have to e%cept more baked goods from me.."

> Nodding he smiled and sipped his tea, ah so perfect.

"Ah. You will never be a disappointment. You are something we thought we w001d never have, just knowing you e%ist is a blessing. I bet she is proud of you no matter what. I know I am proud of every Equius out there."

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Why yes there holes in the leave of my sweater. I have also had this thing since high school.


I can’t say much about myself tonight. I feel quiet neutral about recent events (a bit sore to be honest) but nonetheless I’m fine.

What about you?

I am currently baking, which always put me in the best of moods! Equius is coming over for tea and well he is a joy. 

Perhaps I c001d send you some baked goods to cheer you up?

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D->you just won yourself a zahhak D->…in a small stature D->i will be there soon

I shall have to start baking then..

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