> You just give a little sigh and shift some so you can lean in against him. Just relaxing against him with a weak purr here and there.

huh so hes got a lotta work to do too eh. GUESS ITS A MOTHERFUCKING SUMMONER THING HUH. at least you can go with him. AT LEAST YOU KNOW HE IS REALLY MOTHERFUCKING WORKING.

> You grumble a little, focusing back on the grub, gently ruffling his hair and giving his nose a little bop here and there.

> Shifting he wrapped his arms around him and hugged Gamzee close kissing his face where he could. Happy to be there relaxing, nuzzling him a little as he listened to him.

"Yes. It seems so, though I know what he has to deal with. One must be vigilant to keep peice. That is true.."

> He snuggled him and held him close petting Gamzee as he sat there. Watching as he played with Ranboh. The little grub cooing chirping and over all seems happy about this.



> You look up as he walks over and hands you the grub. You manage a little smile as you gaze over the wriggler, gently rubbing his head and petting over him. You glance back up to Horuss as he hands over a soda as well.

heh. BEEN KEEPING REAL BUSY HUH. bet hes happy to have a real handyman around hehe. GLAD YOU BEEN KEEPIN HAPPY.

> Sitting up he set out the soup and sat there leaning back into the couch. This was far better then his last place, purring as he smiled and looked over at Gamzee. Nodding softly,

"Yes.I also have been coming to work with him, just to make sure he is safe. Also everyone seems to have something a nice low b100d like me c001d do for them, so it is quite tiring."


hehe shit brother. BIGGER EVEN IN THIS LITTLE BIT OF TIME. must be fattening him up. :o) AND ALRIGHT.

> He would appear in your living room. It was a fairly decent-sized hive, nothing spectacular, and though dusty it was all in one piece. Completely furnished as well. You were sort of just sprawled out on the plush couch that was there, raising a hand in a halfassed wave.

hey horuss. WHATS UP.

> Looking around he smiled, walking over to the couch he handed the purple grub to Gamzee to look over. He had molted and thus his blood color shown through better. Sitting down Horuss pulled out the bottle of faygo.

"I ripped out my mates kitchen block and replaced it. I do not wish to tell you how old it  was.."

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Perhaps tomorrow we c001d spend time together? I require someone to aid me in the lay out of this hives new rest rooms.

are you ask1ng me to be a plumber?

No. I find you are 45% more likely to keep a date if there is a goal in mind.



well he seems a little smaller than the others but surely they wont be too bad. THEY TEND TO JUST SORTA PLAY WRESTLE UNTIL THEYRE SLEEPY AND PILE ON EACH OTHER ANYWAY HEH.

alright brother ill be waiting.

I have fi%ed that problem, he was not obtaining enough protein. I have put more milk into his food as well as made sure he was eating everything.  He is getting larger thankfoally.

One moment.

> Appearing he had the grub tucked in his arm and a bag of food in the other hand. Home made soup and a large bottle of faygo. “Gamzee?”

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tbh youre the best thing ive got. LOVE YOU A BUNCH.

I love you too Gamzee. <>



if you want brother. HE CAN CHILL WITH THE OTHER LITTLE GUYS. dunno if i can really eat anything right now but i guess ill try it.


I shall bring some pop and something light to eat then. That shall be good, he has made friends with the ferrets but they are too rough for him.

Welcome. :* I shall be over in a moment.

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Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.



wethemessiahs said: idk. IF YOU WANT. did i give you the coords and shit yet.

I have the coords to bulls hive? I wish to yes, you are my Moirail and I wish to be with you!

nahh i left there again. I GOT A NICE PLACE. the grubs are here too.

— [Coords sent] —

dont go givin anyone else these coords now. I AINT TAKING ANY OTHER VISITORS.

Oh. W001d you like me to bring Ranboh and food?

Of course, I shall not tell another.

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wethemessiahs said: idk. IF YOU WANT. did i give you the coords and shit yet.

I have the coords to bulls hive? I wish to yes, you are my Moirail and I wish to be with you!