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mechfucker said: I’m a chickentaur. More accurately, a Kinnara.

I am in awe, anons did this I assume?

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mechfucker said: I have bigger problems now.

What happened? Also I am sorry, I must have passed out..

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mechfucker replied to your post “mechfucker Howdy. How are you tonight?”

Suddenly sneezing a lot. It’s annoying. How’re you?

Currently rather bored, though I am watching the grubs so I can not do much other then sit here and sip tea.

I hope you stop sneezing.

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> He seemed so much worse off than he tried to make himself seem… He almost never cried like this. You don’t say anything about it, however, just barely giving a little wheeze when he squeezes you so tight. You’ll be fine, you can tough it out. Right now, you just wanted to make sure he was okay.

dont gotta apologize brother. YOU JUST STAY HERE WITH ME A WHILE OKAY. im gonna take real motherfucking good care of you.

> You rumble softly as you return his squeezing, just holding him tight. You continue to stroke his hair and kiss his temple as he moves to his knees, practically cradling the larger male against yourself. Your tail even slides along to slowly wrap around him once, bringing you as close as possible to him. Just hugging and kissing him, trying to help him calm down some while letting him just cry as long as he needs to.

> He was always so good at hiding how bad things were though he was good at hiding period. So it was no surprise that when he did fall apart it was huge. Horuss clung to his Moirail and sobbed, words were lost among the sounds and he stopped trying. For now he simply wanted to hold him close nuzzling him close.

> His body shaking softly as he keeled there happy to feel Gamzee wrap around him when he did. That feeling was comforting, it was a great feeling to have someone able to pin him like that. The blue bloods face found his neck and he buried it there.

> When he calmed down he would talk but for now he was happy to be in the others embrace. Happy to feel safe and most of all just happy that he wasn’t on his own planet. Slowly he calmed down speaking softly..

"Thank you Gamzee, I sh001d have just come here.. some part of me just wished to be on the right planet for a bit but once I was there I remembered how bad things were.."

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How are you tonight?

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Go on Anonymous and tell me one thing you’ve been too scared to tell me, but have always wanted to say.

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I am here, I have tea and I shall be online more then I have the past few weeks..



Hong Kong Milk Tea

When Afternoon Tea became popular in Hong Kong during British colonial rule, so did the style of drinking tea with milk. However, the Hongkongers put their on twist on it by using condensed milk instead of fresh milk.

Combined with a strong Ceylon black tea base which is simmered and filtered through a sock-like bag (this tea is also known as ‘Pantyhose Tea’ as a result), this is a tea that will give you a jolt and get you moving when you’re feeling a bit tired and jaded.

Honestly, it’s not a style of tea I love but it’s a must-try on a trip to Hong Kong or your local Cantonese restaurant.

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pretty tea cup from a house full of
old people