1 th1nk Gamzee fell asleep.

Oh. Well thank you for informing me..

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I w001d not mind someone snuggling with me.

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I have had a lot of people as me ‘why are oolong teas your favorite?’ short answer is the flavor, long answer is the versatility. There are so many oolongs and each has its own distinct flavor, texture, aroma, and emotional response.

Also you can play so much with oolongs, I love experimenting with different brewing techniques and methods because unlike some teas there are not bad reactions. You can brew one at a higher temperature than recommended and get a whole new tea experience, but unlike most green teas you don’t get a mouth full of bitter. It makes me feel like an explorer or scientist.

Lately I have been drinking Eco-Cha Artisan Teas Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Concubine for breakfast (almost out soon, so sad!) and have been having a blast with experimenting. Yesterday I brewed it in my gaiwan at 195 degrees but instead of my usual quick steeping I did a full minute, the leaves unfurled and the taste of the tea was intensely buttery. Today I brewed it at 205 for 30 seconds on the first steep and it was light and buttery with vegetal notes and a distinctly floral (gardenia) finish.

I love oolongs, they refresh my soul, inspire me artistically, and soothe my body. When I read about tea being a spiritual experience it is always oolongs that come to mind for me. There are plenty of other teas I love, but none have the special place for me that oolongs do.

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Greetings! I may have accidentally stayed up too late doing..things and then slept all night..


> You give weak purrs of your own to all his kissing and nuzzling, clinging tight to him and shivering now and then as he continues to work your chute. The toys just kept getting bigger and bigger… though despite a little grunt and whine or two, you don’t show much discomfort. You take them without complaint, actually enjoying them. Enjoying how full they made you feel, how he continues to pummel into you without sign of slowing, quickly working you back up to that euphoric state.

> You’re panting and groaning again by the time he pulls that toy out of you, body quivering under him and arching your hips up to silently ask for more. You feel him shift and grind his bulge over your aching hole, giving out an eager trill as you push your hips up against him. Your arms tighten around his shoulders, fingertips pressing into his skin as you await it…

> You gasp softly as he pushes into you, slowly pushing in deep and just seeming to get thicker and thicker the further he went… He almost felt like he could put the toy in your nook to shame… You give a little twitch and squirm under him some as he goes in deeper than the other toys had, giving a gurgling moan. You could barely hear whatever he said, but you don’t really care right now. You just cling tight to him, kissing now and then wherever you could reach.

aww shit brother. FUCK. i love you. I LOVE YOU HORUSS.

> Those silent pleads were not to be ignored for long as he was soon being filled by Horuss’s bulge. Though the larger man was in no rush to hurt his rail and he took his time, inching that monster into his chute. Pulling out a bit every so often to push that bit back in faster. Not wanting this to grow dull for Gamzee. His hands cluching the sheets below them.

> Gasping back he could feel where the toys had not gotten him ready and his chute was like a vice on his bulge. Forcing him to stop before the thickest bits. Placing soft loving kisses on his face and neck he whispered back how much he loved Gamzee as well.

>Nuzzling him softly before he started to move in him. Starting slowly he moved his bulge in and out of him that thick bit pushing him open wider every so often as he picked up speed. Panting he kissed him back, lips meeting Gamzees a few times.

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m!a: The next time you turn into a robot, you'll be stuck that way for a week.


Well then…


Almost Human: opening credits

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> Pass out..

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— avianTaurine [AT] began pestering abandonedTechnophile [AT] at 00:30 —

[12:30] AT: Horuss?

[12:30] AT: Yes?

[12:31] AT: 1 have twenty s1x m1nutes left as a robot bull and 1’m locked 1n my room

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