> You just calm down easily once he was hugging and kissing you, eagerly returning all his touches and kisses and just clinging tight. That short bit of firmness and distance was enough for you, now you just don’t want to ever let go of him again…

> You just give a little sniffle, looking up at him at his words. A little surprised at what he’s let you get away with before, but then again… He’s done a lot of things himself… You don’t comment on it, just nuzzling close with a gentle sigh. You blink at his question, tilting your head a little.

anything else. LIKE IN GENERAL OR WHAT.

> You question as your coils slowly begin wrapping around him now, refusing to budge. You give a soft hum before shifting a little.

been doing some shit with bull. WE DID A MERGE THING. i got some motherfucking followers heh. IM A GOD. we are anyway.

> Horuss could not agree more and he smothered the other in love. Happy to be aorund him and just happy to not have to be angry at Gamzee. Things would be fine, that is what he kept telling himself as he held his Moirail close. Things would be fine, just give it time..right now though he was never going to let him go. That was for sure..

> Murder never bothered him, killing was natural for trolls and he would be a hypocrite if he condoned Gamzee for something he made a career out of doing.

"I simply wish to know what is going on for you.."

> He shifts letting Gamzee wrap around him, loving that safe tight feeling his coils provided him. It let him know if he ever needed to be restrained there was someone who could do it..

"Oh, we did that as well! We did not get followers.. or become a god.. we simply grew closer.. What sort of followers?"




The paranoia, and do not spare details.

i dunno brother. I POST SOMETHIN ABOUT HAVIN SOME FUN ON MY PLANET. beef posts shit about trying to do shit in his timeline. IM JUST LAUGHING AT HIM. hes too easy to fuck with even if im not aiming to fuck with him.

Okay. I just did not wish to be out of the loop.


> You’re glad that he’s finally easing some, looking up as he kisses your forehead and managing a weak bubble of a purr at that. You just wrap your arms around his shoulders and hug close against him, giving a gentle tremble. You really can’t take him being firm with you, avoiding touching you. Really, that seemed worse than him trying to keep you from seeing Hakuna…


> You sigh, pursing your lips as you nuzzle in against him still. Just soaking in all those little touches and hugs, soaking in feeling loved again… You look up to him, your own eyes watery, and you bring a hand up to brush some of those tears away from his cheeks. You lean forward to press a kiss to his cheek before running your hand through his hair now.

hes already dead. IF I CAN GET HIM TO LEAVE CORONA ALONE THEN IT WONT BE SO BAD RIGHT. hell just do his own thing….

> Soon what he has feared was happening and he snuggled close to Gamzee and kissed him softly. Nuzzling into his Moirails neck. Eyes half closed as he held him. Being firm was hard and this was far too easy, he wanted to hold him and make him feel like everything will be fine. Even if they might now be.

"Ah.. well death is far better then other things you c001d do.."

> He smiles and kisses his cheek, purring as he held him close Petting his hair he was giving Gamzee all the love he felt he should have from the start, and it felt good. Not touching him was more stressful then it needed to be. His tears slowed and he smiled at Gamzee.

"I see… is there anything else?"




wethemessiahs: Gamzee what are you talking about currently?


The paranoia, and do not spare details.

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wethemessiahs: Gamzee what are you talking about currently?

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Pot of tea and an afternoon read :) #tea #brew #afternoondelights #itsstillthemorning #cuppa #daysoff #ahhhhhhlovely

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The latest addition to my #desk buddies: polar bear #tea strainer! Makes all my @DAVIDsTEA from home that much more enjoyable :D (at Buzzvil (버즈빌))

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During this spell of sunny weather we have been enjoying the refreshing taste of a variety of herbal teas. It is a pleasure to choose a pretty china mug or favourite cup and saucer, pour boiling water over the teabag or infuser and watch as it steeps – some experts suggest that it takes at least ten minutes to bring out the healthful properties of a herbal tea.

Many people believe that there are health benefits to be gained by drinking herbal teas; drinking peppermint tea is often cited as an aid to digestion and camomile tea is thought to have a gentle calming effect.

Why not have a go at making a fresh ginger tea of your own? Simply simmer a piece of ginger root on the stove for 10 to 15 minutes then add fresh lemon juice and honey. Delicious!

Why not make the whole experience even more delicious by listening to the beautiful single, Ginger Tea - by Abimaro and the Free - as you brew your tea. Dreamy!


Love…Light…liberty x

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Jasmine flowering #tea at Whole Foods HSK. #healthspo #fitspo #healthblr #fitblr #teablr